The de Duin Project is an artificial spiral-shaped peninsula that reaches from Rotterdam throughout the Rhine-Meuse-Scheldt delta until well into the north sea on the coastline of the Netherlands. The elaborate Masterplan includes primary Infrastructure as well as high standard commercial, industrial and residential areas. It is initialized by Trust World Wide in the Netherlands, who hired the world's leading specialists in urban planning, land reclamation and terra forming in order to accomplish this overwhelmingly complex and pioneering project.

The shape of the helical settlement is inspired by the movements of plankton in the north sea. The inner perimeter of the spiral will shelter the New Port of Rotterdam which combines all the shapes of the world leading harbors. The residential western part of the new land is conceptualised as a dune resort for new luxury housing projects. The infrastructure of de Duin is hidden underneath the sand. Considering the major transition from fossil to renewable energy sources by the 22nd century de Duin mainly consists of an oil-free usage.

As the former main industrial complex of Rotterdam is expelled to this new formed landscape, the old structures are being transformed to a highly densed financial district giving the world second biggest commodity exchange a truly appropriate base.

The de Duin will comprise approximately 2 billion cubic meters of rock and sand. At de Duin you will find luxury hotels, modern housing and beach side villas, golf courses and aswell europe┬┤s major marina.

The work already began in June 2009 and the planning will be finished in October 2010. The Construction is originally planned to take 15 - 20 years, but will be finished much earlier.

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